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Intelligent fire extinguishing material product installation

Installation location and method of intelligent fire extinguishing materials

Answer: The product is installed near the ignition point, which can increase the reaction speed of the product. When the cabinet is higher than 1.5m, the product should be installed at the lower middle position, because the hot air rises when the fire is on. If the installed hot air flow is too high, the fire extinguishing gas cannot reach quickly. The bottom of the cabinet. Industrial grade 3M glue, cable ties, screws (fixed with screws can be used if conditions permit, easy to install), card slot (the card slot is designed during the cabinet production, and the fire extinguishing device can be inserted directly) for installation and fixation.

Use environment of smart fire extinguishing material products

Answer: The product should not be installed in the space intake, exhaust, doors, windows and other openings, and should not be installed in places that are prone to exposure to the sun, rain, water, or flooding. The ambient temperature is around -30°C to 70°C.

Starting conditions for smart fire extinguishing material products

Answer: When the ambient temperature reaches 170±20℃, the temperature detection line will start to drive the product to react (if the ignition point is not near the start head, it can also be started near other parts of the temperature line, but because the temperature line is insulated and separated

It is hot, so the starting temperature is higher, about 270±20℃). The fire extinguishing material is heated to 420±20℃ to start (equivalent to open flame start).

Principles of Intelligent Fire Extinguishing Material Products

Answer: Fire fighting is divided into two parts: physical and chemical.

Physical fire extinguishing: CO 2 and N 2 are generated to dilute the oxygen concentration to achieve physical fire extinguishing. Chemical fire extinguishing: Nano-scale fire extinguishing particles are generated, the anions and cations therein react with the anions and cations of the combustion chain to prevent the exothermic reaction of the anions and cations in the combustion chain from being changed to endothermic reactions, thereby reducing the temperature and cutting off the combustion chain to achieve chemical fire extinguishing.

What is the material of the temperature detection starter of the intelligent fire extinguishing material?

Answer: There are two types of temperature sensing starter heads: 1. Copper head; 2. Blister head (used in a completely insulated environment)

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