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Qualification and sales of smart fire extinguishing stickers

Qualification and sales of smart fire extinguishing stickers

What are the accredited documents for smart fire extinguishing paste products?

Answer: The smart fire extinguishing sticker product has a series of related certifications such as ** fire fighting equipment quality supervision and inspection report, MSDS component inspection report, EU CE certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification, etc. China People's Insurance Product Liability Insurance Policy.

Pre-sales service and after-sales service of intelligent fire extinguishing paste products

Answer: Pre-sale service: 1. Specific application design; 2. Overall use plan; 3. Fire extinguishing experiment plan After-sales service: 1. On-site installation and training services; 2. Provide free technical consultation on our company's smart fire extinguishing paste products at any time; 3 .During the validity period of the product, if there is a quality problem, it will be replaced free of charge and enjoy life-long paid service; 4. We will visit customers once a year, and we can usually understand the customer's feedback status of smart fire extinguishing stickers through various methods; 5. Responsible for the time required in accordance with the contract Supply.

Can the smart fire extinguishing sticker be equipped with a data communication module?

Answer: It can be installed according to customer needs. Two modules can be added, remote start and remote feedback, to achieve the effect of control start and signal transmission after response.

How long is the validity period of the smart fire extinguishing paste product?

Answer: The validity period is 3 years. (The fire extinguishing material in the smart fire extinguishing paste product adopts vacuum packaging technology. Even if the vacuum bag is slightly broken, it will not affect the performance of the smart fire extinguishing paste product. The additional vacuum bag is used in some humid environments. Ensure that the fire extinguishing material is not damp to ensure the response speed).

The product is shipped?

Answer: After the payment is received, arrange the delivery; land transportation logistics; the scheduling period is 10 working days, and the finished product will be produced.

Circulate to the designated address and issue 13 point value-added tax invoices.

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