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Features of automatic fire extinguishing equipment

Automatic fire extinguishing equipmentspecialty
In actual engineering applications, the composition of automatic fire extinguishing equipment systems is diverse, and the number and types of equipment will also vary greatly.

However, the characteristics of the automatic fire extinguishing system are determined by the implementation of the two systems of automatic fire alarm and fire linkage control. (1) Composition of automatic fire alarm system An automatic fire alarm system generally consists of three parts: detectors, signal lines and automatic alarm devices.

1. Fire detector and manual alarm button Fire detector is the detection element of the entire alarm system.

Its working stability, reliability, sensitivity and other technical indicators directly affect the operation of the entire fire protection system.

1) Detector types There are many types of fire detectors, including the following (1) Ionizing smoke detectors. (2) Photoelectric smoke detector.

(3) Temperature detectors (including constant temperature type and differential temperature type). (4) Gas detector.

(5) Infrared detector. (6) Ultraviolet detector.

Automatic fire extinguishing equipment (Zhixiao Mi) is a simple and highly reliable independent automatic fire extinguishing device. The fire extinguishing equipment is a kind of fire extinguishing equipment specially developed with high-quality raw materials and a convenient initial fire protection product carefully processed with environmentally friendly industrial temperature sensing materials.

No power supply, no special smoke and temperature detectors, no complicated equipment and pipelines

Simply stick it inside the equipment to accurately and effectively detect and extinguish the fire source, and extinguish the fire at the initial stage. Not only can the project cost be greatly reduced, but also the single fire extinguishing cost can be reduced, and it will not cause any harm to personnel.

This product is self-developed and highly targeted, and is mainly suitable for control boxes of switchgear, meter boxes, machine rooms, machine tools and other equipment, substation rooms, uninterruptible power supply rooms, and control rooms and substation cabinets in high power consumption places such as power generation. , Elevator control cabinets, ATM machines, charging piles and other unattended narrow space fire prevention.

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