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Advantages of smart fire extinguishing stickers

Intelligent fire extinguishing stickerIt is a good aerosol substitute product. Aerosol fire extinguisher is a kind of fire extinguishing product. Smart fire extinguishing sticker is a new technological product. It is a black technological fire extinguishing equipment that has appeared in recent years, and it is also a military product. It replaces many of the shortcomings of traditional fire extinguishers. These shortcomings are unattainable by traditional dry powder fire extinguishers and water-based equipment, and aerosols are also unattainable. The smart fire extinguishing sticker equipment has reached it, which can be regarded as a precedent for the fire extinguishing equipment industry.

I don’t know if the answer of the editor of Muyao Technology is helpful to everyone.

Intelligent fire extinguishing stickers originated from military industry. It was used to suppress explosions before, and used to extinguish fire after civilian use.

It can be divided into the following generations of new generation smoke fire extinguishing systems, which are used in oil storage tanks

Second-generation aerosol replacement. So the volume is very small.

Physically cool down, participate in fire extinguishing, with high fire extinguishing efficiency and small size.

The intelligent fire extinguishing sticker product is a new type of fire extinguishing device manufactured by China North Industries Group. The device can realize automatic fire extinguishing without any power supply, no special smoke and temperature detectors, no complicated equipment and pipelines, and simply fixed inside the equipment to accurately and effectively detect and extinguish the fire source. Put out the fire at the initial stage. The product is in a stable state, stored without pressure, and can be completely insulated. Even if it is violently shaken or damaged by force, it will not cause accidents such as flammability and explosion.

When the fire extinguishing patch encounters a fire, the flame temperature reaches the thermal decomposition temperature of the temperature-sensitive material, and the temperature-sensitive fire-extinguishing composition of the material undergoes a decomposition reaction to produce a large amount of extinguishing substances.

The fire extinguishing material contains nitrogen, carbon dioxide and a series of fire extinguishing particles (the size is in the sub-nanometer level, which can float), which can quickly extinguish the fire through physical and chemical inhibition.

As a new type of fire extinguishing paste, it solves the fire protection problem in small spaces that are prone to fires due to electrical equipment, control boxes, new energy batteries, etc. in the fire protection industry. It can be widely used in thousands of power grids, communications, radio and television, petrochemicals, railways and new energy vehicles. Waiting for the system.

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