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Fire extinguishing principle of intelligent fire extinguishing paste products

Intelligent fire extinguishing stickerProduct fire extinguishing principle

When the fire extinguishing material encounters a fire, the flame temperature reaches the thermal decomposition temperature of the temperature-sensitive material, and the temperature-sensitive fire-extinguishing composition of the material undergoes a decomposition reaction to produce a large amount of extinguishing materials.

The fire extinguishing material contains nitrogen, carbon dioxide and a series of fire extinguishing particles (the size is in the sub-nanometer level, which can float), which can quickly extinguish the fire through physical and chemical inhibition.

As a new type of fire extinguishing material, it solves the fire protection problem in small spaces that are prone to fires due to electrical equipment, control boxes, and new energy batteries in the fire protection industry. It can be widely used in thousands of power grids, communications, radio and television, petrochemicals, railways and new energy vehicles. Waiting for the system.

Product application range

  1. Microwave machine room, decimeter wave machine room, meter wave machine room, power distribution room and uninterruptible power supply room in the radio and television transmission tower;

  2. Program-controlled exchange room, control room and signaling transfer point room of the communication system;

  3. Power plant control room, electronic equipment room, computer room, relay room, substation and distribution room, cable crossing, dense and intermediate joints, etc.;

  4. Substation and distribution cabinets, elevator control cabinets, cable troughs or bridges with trough boxes;

  5. Special or important cabinet equipment with relatively closed enclosure in other places;

  6. All kinds of diesel engine, automobile, train, ship engine;

  7. Various mobile equipment, lifting equipment, elevator control cabinets, etc.;

Smart fire protection is the deep application of Internet and Internet of Things technologies. It uses advanced information collection, processing, management, circulation, intelligent analysis and other technologies to intelligently complete smoke monitoring, electricity parameter monitoring, video monitoring, and water source information monitoring. Monitoring uploading and application of multiple data.

Moreover, it can real-time fire control status in various regions, strengthen fire control monitoring, realize intensive management, save manpower, and 24 hours online remote monitoring.

Thereby reducing the cost of social fire protection, realizing the optimization of fire fighting resources, and greatly reducing the consumption of social resources and natural resources.

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