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Automatic fire extinguishing equipment (ZMM-80W)

Automatic fire extinguishing equipment (ZMM-80W)

Protection size: 140x104x26MM single piece Large protection volume: ≤0.60M³ Fire extinguishing composition weight: 80g±2g Response time: ≤12s Service life: 3 years Fire extinguishing type: Gas fire extinguishing type: Physical +Chemical...

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Automatic fire extinguishing equipmentZMM-80W (20C)

Protection size: 140x104x26MM

Large protection volume of single chip: ≤0.60M³

Fire extinguishing composition weight: 80g±2g

Response time: ≤12s

Service life: 3 years

Extinguishing type: gas

Type of fire extinguishing: physical+chemical

Start mode: open flame start or 175 ℃±10 ℃

Ambient temperature: -30 ℃~+70℃

Ambient temperature: ≤95℃

Temperature response temperature: 175℃±10℃

Open flame response temperature: 420℃±20℃

Extinguishing type: can be used to extinguish class A surface fire, class B, C, E, F fire

Intelligent fire extinguishing material integration (Zhi Xiao Mi) is a simple and highly reliable independent automatic fire extinguishing device. The material integration is a kind of fire extinguishing material specially developed by using high-quality raw materials and an environmentally friendly industrial temperature-sensitive material, which is a convenient initial fire.

Protection products.

No power supply, no special smoke and temperature detectors, no complicated equipment and pipelines, just simply stick inside the equipment, you can accurately and effectively detect and extinguish the fire source, and extinguish the fire at the initial stage. Not only can the project cost be greatly reduced, but also the single fire extinguishing cost can be reduced, and it will not cause any harm to personnel.