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Intelligent fire extinguishing material product introduction

1. Product production

A brief introduction of the product?

Answer: The intelligent fire extinguishing material is a new type of fire extinguishing device manufactured by China North Industries Group. The device can realize automatic fire extinguishing without any power supply, no special smoke and temperature detectors, no complicated equipment and pipelines, and simply fixed inside the equipment to accurately and effectively detect and extinguish the fire source. Put out the fire at the initial stage. The product is in a stable state, stored without pressure, and can be completely insulated. Even if it is violently shaken or damaged by force, it will not cause accidents such as flammability and explosion.

What are the components of the product?

Answer: The conventional product is composed of the starting head of the shell + smart fire extinguishing material+ temperature detection start line+.

2. What is the product shell? Is it flame retardant?

Answer: The shell of the product is made of nylon {{0}} glass fiber (PA66+30%GF) material, heat-resistant temperature is 270℃, flame retardant grade is very high V0 level, color and appearance can be customized according to requirements .

3. What is the smart fire extinguishing material? Which material?

Answer: The intelligent fire extinguishing material is a new type of solid chemical mixture independently researched and developed. It is composed of an oxidant, a reducing agent and various auxiliary agents. It can quickly produce a large amount of fire extinguishing gas in an open flame.

4. What is the material of the temperature sensing start line? Is the temperature and length adjustable?

Answer: The inside of the temperature sensing start line is a double-base lead, and the outside is a heat-insulating and insulating glass fiber tube. Generally, the factory length is 375px, which can be lengthened according to requirements, and the length cannot exceed 1500px. The temperature can be customized according to the needs, and it has been verified by many experiments: the appropriate temperature is 170°C (if the temperature needs to be changed, the feasibility must be demonstrated with the technician). The dual-base lead adopts military special wire, which has a stability of more than 30 years. It can conduct heat transfer normally even in water. In addition, even if the temperature sensing wire fails to start, the product itself can be started by an open flame, and the product can still be started when the flame contacts the internal material.

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