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The importance of electrical fire prevention

Do wellElectrical fire preventionThe importance of.

Electricity is converted from natural energy.

Every family needs electricity. Electricity allows people to watch TV, blow air conditioners and fans, use washing machines and refrigerators. Now that science and technology are more advanced, people's lives are inseparable from things related to electricity all the time, so electricity has become human dependence.

But electricity not only brings benefits to people, but also brings disasters. We should better learn the safety of electricity. To do the following tasks correctly, consciously improve the awareness and consciousness of safe electricity use, adhere to the concept of "safety first, prevention first" to ensure the safety of life and property, and truly attach importance to safety from the heart, and promote safe production .

Be familiar with the location of your own production site or the air switch of the dormitory owner (commonly known as the gate) (such as toll plaza, construction site, office, dormitory, etc.). In the event of a fire, electric shock or other electrical fire accidents, the power supply should be cut off immediately to avoid greater Property damage and personal injury accidents.

General household electricity consumption is in units of small sets (4KW), medium sets (6KW) and (8KW). Don't overload electricity.

Large-capacity equipment such as air conditioners and electric heaters should be equipped with dedicated circuits.

To choose qualified electrical appliances, do not buy fake and shoddy electrical appliances, wires, wire troughs (tubes), switches, sockets, etc.

When drying clothes outdoors, keep a safe distance from the wires. Never place clothes rails on wires or transformer racks. Do not place the kite near overhead power lines and transformers.

If someone gets an electric shock, immediately disconnect the power supply or unplug the cigarette lighter switch and plug. If you can't find or disconnect the power supply, you can use dry insulation such as bamboo poles or wooden sticks to connect the wires. As long as the above points are achieved, the disaster will be far away from us. If we want to live a happy life, we should prevent electrical fires, so that the fire will be far away from us.

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