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Talking about the characteristics and application of aerosol substitute fire extinguishing equipment

Aerosol is a new type of gas fire extinguishing agent in gas fire extinguishing system software. It is easy to install and maintain, non-toxic, and efficient in fire extinguishing. It has good organic chemistry reliability, storage resistance, low corrosion, non-conductivity, and weak toxic and side effects in fire extinguishing applications. , No trace after volatilization, no global warming, short time for the substance to exist in the air, etc. In addition, the natural gas source can be disconnected immediately before or after the fire is extinguished, which is beneficial to rapid fire extinguishing and can avoid production A second fire or explosion occurred. As a new type of gas fire extinguishing product, hot aerosol has been widely used in engineering projects. Just belowAerosol replacementThe characteristics, effective use and control of fire extinguishing system machinery and equipment are discussed.

1 Definition and application scope of aerosol

1.1 Definition of aerosol

Aerosols with fire-extinguishing properties formed by chemical changes of solid organic chemical compounds (hot aerosol generators), including S-type hot aerosols, K-type hot aerosols and other types of hot aerosols.

1.2 Application scope

The application field of the gas fire extinguishing system software is determined by the fire extinguishing characteristics of the gas fire extinguishing agent. As a type of gas fire extinguishing system software, the hot aerosol fire extinguishing system can be applied to the supporting facilities of the automatic fire alarm linkage and automatic control system. It can carry out full engulfing fire extinguishing in a relatively enclosed indoor space. It is in the industry standard "Architectural Design The “Fire Protection Code” and the “Code for Fire Protection Design of High-rise Civil Buildings” set out requirements for some typical places where gas fire extinguishing system software is set up.

Class A, B, and C liquid fires (manufacturing, application or storage of diesel engines (except -35 diesel engines), fuel oil, grease, animal and vegetable oils, ship diesel engine power rooms, spray production workshops) or paraffin, asphalt, etc. soluble Solid state fire; surface fire of combustible solid chemical substances; change,

Substation equipment (stations, rooms), diesel generators (houses), substations, communication equipment, large and medium-sized and small- and medium-sized electronic devices, computer rooms, news broadcast and transmission rooms, generator sets, oil-immersed transformer rooms, and substation rooms , Cable tunnel construction or cable barriers and other induction motor equipment and electrical equipment route fires;

Microwave heating rooms of large, medium and small communication base stations or TV transmission towers; precious equipment rooms, precious cultural relics and materials collection libraries, large, medium and small public libraries and information libraries.
2 the principle of aerosol

The aerosol prefabricated component fire extinguishing equipment is the equipment that causes the aerosol generator to create an aerosol fire extinguishing agent according to the combustion reaction. Generally, it is composed of an initiator, aerosol generator and generator, refrigeration equipment (agent), feedback components, casing and The fire detection equipment and control equipment of the supporting facilities are constituted. The hot aerosol prefabricated component fire extinguishing system cannot be set in crowded places, places with explosion risk, and places with clean regulations. K-type and other hot aerosol prefabricated component fire extinguishing systems cannot be used in places such as electronic device computer rooms and communication base stations.

Different types of gas fire extinguishing system software and different operating methods. The key operating methods of the hot aerosol prefabricated component fire extinguishing system are three operating methods: automatic control system, manual operation and emergency actual operation of mechanical equipment.

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