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Causes of battery fire accidents

According to the root cause of lithium battery fire accidents, preventive measures for lithium battery fire and fire fighting have been clearly proposed. It has key practical significance for the safety and application of lithium battery production!

The specific energy of lithium-ion batteries has been increasing, the battery life of rechargeable batteries has increased, and there have been more and more vicious incidents of fires and explosions of lithium-ion batteries, which have caused significant losses to related companies and customers. Compared with traditional lithium batteries, lithium ion batteries use lithium-intercalable carbon materials instead of traditional metal lithium as the negative electrode. In addition, because the flammable raw materials and reducing agents in lithium-ion batteries coexist, it will cause overcharge, short-circuit failure, Under conditions of high temperature, impact, etc., heat may be generated that cannot control personal behavior, and a lot of heat is released in an instant, causing fires and even explosions. Therefore, handling the safety hazards caused by ignition and explosion is the bottle top that needs to be improved in the further development trend and use of rechargeable batteries.

In previous years of lithium battery fire accidents, 68% were caused by internal or external short-circuit failures, 15% were caused by battery charging, 7% were caused by accidental starting of machinery and equipment, and 10% were caused by other reasons. Regarding the cause of lithium battery fire accidents, the article will analyze the basic principles of lithium battery fires and fire prevention and prevention measures, and clearly propose relative preventive measures for the prevention and emergency treatment of lithium ion battery fire accidents, in order to extinguish lithium battery fires. Provide a certain theoretical source.

Elements of harm to lithium battery fire

Lithium-ion battery is composed of battery cathode material, battery cathode material, electrolyte solution and separator. The key is to use Li+ to charge the battery in the middle of the two electrodes and put it back and forth into and out of the work. Rechargeable batteries generally use lithium-containing raw materials as battery cathode materials, but some materials have weak chemical reliability and heat resistance, and are very easy to cause fire and explosion events during the process of overcharging, impact, and short-circuit failure.

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