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Intelligent fire extinguishing sticker 40w (PTC)

Intelligent fire extinguishing sticker 40w (PTC)

Function description: 1. The product start device of temperature sensing detector, double base temperature detection, can measure temperature on one side or both sides, external sleeve, it will start when the ambient temperature reaches 175℃±10℃ or open flame. 2. Intelligent fire extinguishing agent inside the fire extinguishing agent...

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Intelligent fire extinguishing sticker40w (PTC) function description:

1. Temperature Detector

Product startup device, dual-base temperature detection, temperature measurement on one or both sides, external casing, in the environment

It will start when the temperature reaches 175℃±10℃ or open flame.

2. Intelligent fire extinguishing agent

The built-in fire extinguishing agent will start the decomposition reaction when receiving the start signal, and produce a large amount of fire extinguishing gas.

3. Rivet hole

The product fixing device can fix the product with screws, rivets and cable ties.

4. Cover substrate

The outer shell of the product is made of high-grade flame-retardant composite material and is detachable. It can be fixed by rivets or double-sided adhesive when installing.

Intelligent fire extinguishing material integration (Zhi Xiao Mi) is a simple and highly reliable independent automatic fire extinguishing device. The material integration is a kind of fire extinguishing material specially developed by using high-quality raw materials and an environmentally friendly industrial temperature-sensitive material, which is a convenient initial fire.

Protection products.

No power supply, no special smoke and temperature detectors, no complicated equipment and pipelines, just simply stick inside the equipment, you can accurately and effectively detect and extinguish the fire source, and extinguish the fire at the initial stage. Not only can the project cost be greatly reduced, but also the single fire extinguishing cost can be reduced, and it will not cause any harm to personnel.

Tianjin Muyao Technology Development Co., Ltd., the company cooperates closely with the Weapon Group and a number of well-known universities and scientific research teams. The core research field is the design and development of small space fire protection systems and products. The company has been committed to solving small-space fire protection problems in various industries, training talents for market and industrial needs, focusing on cultivating research and technical talents, and has been committed to creating safer and more reliable fire protection systems for different fields. Concentrate and train first-class talents in fire science research, and build a high-quality fire science core technology and theoretical research and innovation platform.