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Intelligent fire extinguishing material (10w)

Intelligent fire extinguishing material (10w)

Description of the integrated function of intelligent fire extinguishing materials: 1. The product activation device of the temperature sensing detector, dual-base temperature detection, can measure the temperature on one or both sides, with an external sleeve, it will start when the ambient temperature reaches 175℃±10℃ or an open flame . 2. Smart off...

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Tianjin Muyao Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the development, production, sales and brand strategic marketing services of intelligent fire extinguishing materials, intelligent fire extinguishing materials integration, fire extinguishing paste products. The company cooperates closely with the Weapon Group and a number of well-known universities and research institutes. The core research field is the design and development of small space fire protection systems and products.

Description of integrated function of intelligent fire extinguishing material:

1. Temperature detector

Product starting device, dual-base temperature detection, single-sided or double-sided temperature measurement, housing, in the environment

It will start when the temperature reaches 17510 or an open flame.

2. Smart fire extinguishing agent

After receiving the start signal, the built-in fire extinguishing agent will start to decompose and produce a large amount of fire extinguishing gas.

3. Rivet hole

The product fixing device can use screws, rivets, and cable ties to fix the product.

4. Cover the substrate

The outer shell of the product is made of high-grade flame-retardant composite material and is detachable. It can be fixed with rivets or double-sided tape when installing.


Protection size: 75x58x10MM

Large single-chip protection volume: ≤0.075M³

Fire extinguishing composition weight: 10g±2g

Response time: ≤12s

Service life: 3 years

Extinguishing type: gas

Type of fire extinguishing: physical+chemical

Start mode: open flame start or 175 ℃±10 ℃

Ambient temperature: -30 ℃~+70℃

Ambient temperature: ≤95℃

Temperature response temperature: 175℃±10℃

Open flame response temperature: 420℃±20℃

Extinguishing type: can be used to extinguish class A surface fire, class B, C, E, F fire